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Is Quantum Internet the Future?

Physicists predict that Quantum Internet will be a futuristic, super-secure network and it could find use even before it reaches technological maturity. A Quantum Network that will exploit the unique effects of quantum physics, will be fundamentally different to the classical Internet as we use it t...
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Should your Child Have a Cell Phone?

Nowadays a lot of children are becoming cell phone owners. You as an adult need to be aware of the positive AND negative effects of a minor cell phone user. Here are some positive effects: With access to the Internet, a cell phone can help a child when they’re studying or looking for answers. Cell...
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How Internet TV Works?

Internet TV is gradually changing the way we watch the news and entertainment programs. One of the things that makes Internet TV possible is bandwidth. Bandwidth is sending large amounts of video and audio data over the Internet, so Internet TV needs large bandwidths. Another important part of Inter...
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